Rectify This Painting (2020)


Rectify This Painting - curated by Eve Barlow for the City Art Depot, Christchurch/Ōtautahi (July 2020)

Curator Eve Barlow invited fellow artists to complete, amend, paint over, re-arrange or otherwise “rectify” her unfinished or unresolved painted works on paper within the parameters of their own practice or explorations.

Eve messaged us early on, “I was reflecting on what the parameters were when I was deciding who to send what painting to, and mostly it was line and/or colour that associated with each of you as a person, or what I thought you might enjoy looking at. Except for the yellow one! I went outside the square with that one, because I really didn’t associate the colour, or the line work or texture with any of you. .. The yellow one I found pretty difficult to place, actually. It ended up going to someone who might like a bit of a challengeJ”

So, I get the yellow one.

Yellow is not my favourite colour.

Lacking surfaces and wall space I lay the painting at my feet.

Taking a photograph is an automated response and relieves tension.

Then this unruly yellow character appears within the brush strokes

And I plant him squarely, back in the frame.

The last laugh by Alexandra Porter

Radio NZ's Lynn Freeman talks with Barlow about the exhibition's collaborative process on Standing Room Only:

City Art Reader 33:

The last laugh by Alexandra Porter

Dry transfer lettering on Fuji film colour photographic paper (105mm x 85mm) / Framed 345mm x 340mm

[Left] Barlow's original gouache and pencil work on paper (approx. 1000mm x 750mm) received by Porter.