Films & Screenings - overview

Young girl (played by Aria Kurzeme) reads a cine instruction manual on location at Gore Bay, north Canterbury

Super8man (2005)

Duration: 9 mins 36 secs

Originally shot on: 8 & 16mm B&W film

Digitally Transferred


Comic, progressive short film exploring the world of an amateur filmmaker through cine instruction. Inspired by Richard Bach's book 'Johnathan Livingstone Seagull'.

Porter Pictures and Belmont Productions in association with Creative New Zealand's Screen Innovation Production Fund and Creative Communities Christchurch City, 2004.

Film still from A Sense of Place, toilet block at the Weka Pass railway station, Waipara

A Sense of Place (2009)

Duration: 14 mins 42 secs

Shot on: 4k RedCam


A fantastical observation of fine wine and art. Set in a New Zealand vineyard the narrative revolves around characters connected to a competitive 'vin de terroir' styled wine. This playful short is composed of a blend of film genres with subtle influences of primitive cinema.

Porter Pictures and Belmont Productions in association with Creative New Zealand's Screen Innovation Production Fund, 2008/9.

Young girl (played by Scarlett Kentish-Barnes) views a different world through the lens of a kaleidescope

N or Nor W; study of a Canterbury wind (2011)

Duration: 7 mins 23 secs

Shot on: 4k RedCam


The theme of the nor' west wind is explored through a young girl's perspective as she hears her father, Professor of Atmospheric Science broadcast over the wireless. Set in 1950s Canterbury, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

An independent short film production and gallery installation by Porter Pictures.

Film still: Brock (Andrew Fidow) and Amon (Matty Visser) in 'Fling' 2019

Fling (2019)

Duration: 6 mins 41 secs

Shot on: 4k RedCam


A run-in with an ex forces Amon to revisit the events surrounding his first time.

Awkward Aesthetics and Porter Pictures in association with the New Zealand Film Commission's Fresh Shorts Fund and generous donations from the Boosted Arts Foundation.

Title graphics for the NZ feature documentary 'Buidling Bridges: Bill Youren's Vision of Peace' 2022

Building Bridges: Bill Youren's Vision of Peace (2022)

Duration: 82 mins

Format: HD


In 1952 a New Zealand Farmer makes an unthinkable journey to Communist China in one of the hottest moments of the Cold War. A champion for freedom of speech, Bill Youren captures a vision of peace on 8mm film revealing a unique political perspective. Building bridges through understanding culture and art became his life-long mission to safeguard the world from war.

An independent feature documentary made with financial assistance from the Peace and Disarmament Education Fund and produced by Porter Pictures and Overactive Imagination.